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3D Jewelry Designer (CAD) Types of Software You Should Know

The jewelry business has undergone a complete transformation, and digital design procedures enabled by CAD software now have a definitive role in jewelry designers’ workflows.

Today, there are hundreds of practical options, each with benefits and drawbacks, modeling strategies, and specialized applications, ranging from generic jewelry CAD designing services to bespoke jewelry design software.

These digital technologies and 3D printing offer limitless flexibility and creative potential. Let’s begin immediately with the introduction of digital jewelry.

Digital Jewelry Introduction

A strong sense of workmanship and an understanding of wax sculpting, soldering, bending, weaving, and stone setting have traditionally been required for jewelry creation. With CAD software, things are changing in this age of digital jewelry transformation.

Quick 3D previews and same-day fitting models put the customer in control, speeding up personalized jewelry creation and boosting client satisfaction. Jewelers can become self-sufficient by learning how to design for in-house manufacture, while customization permits supplying niche markets, leading to an explosion of Jewelry CAD Designs Online firms.

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Types of Software at The Top 

Regarding assistive jewelry 3d jewelry CAD software, a jewelry designer who embraces digital technology has many options.

  • Shapr3D

Shapr3D is a fantastic tool for jewelry designers of all expertise levels, thanks to its user-friendly interface. It is a great option for novice and seasoned users due to its user-friendly tools and intuitive user interface.

Features You Should Notice:

  • With this software, your jewelry CAD designs online will serve as 3D-printed prototypes for your finished projects.
  • Before manufacturing, you can estimate the jewel’s size and weight.
  • SelfCAD

SelfCAD is a robust and user-friendly CAD program that enables users to swiftly create and prepare jewelry designs. SelfCAD, which is made exclusively for 3D printing unlike conventional 3d jewelry CAD software, makes it simple to generate designs that can be printed with a 3D printer.

Features You Should Notice:

  • Making jewelry from scratch is made simpler by tools for freehand drawing and sketching.
  • You may turn any photograph into a 3D model using the Image to 3D tool.
  • ZBrush

Users of the digital sculpting tool ZBrush may produce complex objects with fine detail. The program is very useful for jewelry CAD designing services models that can be 3D printed.

Features You Should Notice:

  • Strong sculpting brushes to help you realize your artistic visions. Each brush has a special ability to perform a task that the other brushes cannot.
  • You can paint right on the surface of your drawings using PolyPaint.


Jewelry makers may build pieces with fine detail and exact specifications using the robust design program Rhinoceros. Building what you want won’t take forever because of its simple user interface.

Features You Should Notice:

  • To construct your jewelry, you can use organic and parametric modeling tools.
  • Including industry-standard plugins like Panther3D, 2Shapes, and Stuller streamlines the design process.

Few Final Words

The tools listed above will aid you in getting started, even if we cannot cover every software choice available.

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