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5 Tips for Creating More Realistic Jewellery Photo Renderings

Jewellery Photo Rendering is an advanced technique to save costs on jewellery production. With this technology, brands are able to create realistic 3D models of their designs even before the actual production.

3D jewellery rendering has indeed revolutionized the fashion industry. With the help of photo rendering software, a designer can work on different designs and pick the most appealing one, without spending thousands of dollars on the production of 3D models.

However, it is a complicated task, and you must have in-depth knowledge of rendering techniques to create realistic images.

Here Are the Top 5 Tips for High-End Photorealistic Rendering:


  1. Angles and Proportion: It are very important to understand the correct angle and proportion of objects that you are working on. An expert modeller has years of experience, so they know the total number of facets they need for a diamond and how to prevent it from looking off-proportionate. Having the right angles and proportions is crucial to get Photorealistic Rendering Online outputs.

 Photorealistic Rendering

  1. 3D Printing of Rings: When you are required to get a 3D print of a ring, pay attention to the length of the prongs. Prongs are usually longer for the purpose of stone setting. However, when it comes to 3D prints, you need to ensure that the prongs are shorter otherwise the final output will look weird.  
  1. Realistic Edges: If you ever looked at the work of an experienced 3D modeller, you will observe that the edges are not neat and sharp. For realistic rendering, it is important to reduce the sharpness of angles and make them slightly round in shape. 
  1. Polygon Modelling: The polygon mesh is useful in the stimulation of 3D model rendering. One needs to confirm the desired numbers of polygon mesh to have smooth edges. Although having more polygon mesh is helpful in getting smoother edges, you must ensure that the mesh is not visible in the final output. Removal of the polygon mesh takes time but it’s totally necessary.  
  1. Intersecting Prongs: An example of bad rendering is when the prongs of a ring intersect with the stone on it. For realistic rendering, you have to make sure that there is a distance between two objects. Be it for the fraction of a millimetre, it must look like the prongs and the stones are away from each other and not intersecting. 

High-end rendering takes time and if someone tries to haste the process, the result will be definitely far from what you expected. So, follow the tips and get the desired outputs.


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