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A Guide to CAD Programs for Jewelry Design

We will answer the question “Which is the most effective cad software?” by outlining the essential features to look for in a comprehensive review of jewellery design programs.

Numerous options are available, and we hope this guide helps you choose the best jewellery cad program for your needs. We have thought about the possible concerns you have right now since our solution is tailored to the needs of the jewellery industry’s specialists.

An Informative Handbook on CAD Software for Jewelry Design


Matrix and Rhinogold Jewellery CAD Designing Services are both powered by a 3D engine called Rhino. There are no jewellery-specific features in this general 3D modelling program. Because of its adaptability and widespread use, it has found primary usage in industrial product layouts and construction.

3D Cad Jewellery

Since its creation in 1980 by Robert McNeel & Associates, this software’s low price and high adoption rate have attracted a broad user base. However, this option is not as tailored to the jewellery industry as the other tools we discussed due to its flexibility and ability to serve different markets. To provide just one for instance, the 3D engine (modeller) focuses primarily on surfaces and isn’t parametric.

However, Rhino is only accessible on Windows, while other 3D cad jewellery design like 3Design and Matrix are cross-platform.

Jewelry CAD Dream

Jewelry CAD Dream jewellery cad design software stands true to its name, having a winning combination of modelling methodologies for jewellery design, making it one of its most powerful engines.

The standard tools for solid or surface modelling are included, and the user may modify characteristics like faces, offsets, and dimensions without leaving the viewport. The morphing tools may be used to create organic structures that flow freely. Alternatively, you may choose from the hundreds of pre-loaded base models.

Stuller: Matrix & Rhino Gold

In 2015, Gemvision, Rhino Gold’s parent company, merged with Stuller. The firm now owns and develops Matrix and Rhino Gold jewellery cad cam services and sells jewellery-making tools, materials, and services. Matrix and Rhino Gold are both built on the Rhino 3D engine. Therefore, you will need to buy and install Rhino before using them since Rhino is the source of the 3D engine, with the same limitations on development and building applications.

You may use their component library to design your product in RhinoGold, and then easily share it with their production team for a quotation. The plan is ideal for expanding Stuller’s company. The Stuller website has all the biographical details you could need.

Ultimately, there is no ideal Jewellery Cad Design Online solution as it will vary from designer to designer and company to business based on factors such as desired modelling technique, skill, and project scope. The various approaches cater mainly to particular types of jewellery making. If you are a jewellery cad designer, we hope this post has helped you familiarise yourself with the many digital tools & 3D printing apps available.

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