Jewellery Photo Editing

How Does Photo Retouching Work for Enhancing the Outlook of Jewellery?

When a jeweler wants their business to be successful, it depends on promoting their accessories. Imagine if you are using low-quality photos of necklaces or earrings for marketing. Do you think people will be attracted to your products? The answer is a strict NO.

What is Photo Retouching?

Jewelry image retouching enhances the details of the jewelry pieces and makes them look more luxurious and sophisticated. During the process of Jewelry Photo Retouching, the main focus is on scratch removal and color correction, making sure that the stones are brighter and shine from afar as they are the focal point that will attract the customers.

It is Much More Than Corrections!

But jewelry image retouching doesn’t end here. With the jewelry image retouching services, many other elements are also removed. While taking a perfect shot of a jewelry piece, it takes a lot of effort to place them. Sometimes, rings or earrings are set on a box, or in other cases, necklaces are hung with wires. So, while the retouching services all these elements which work like supporters are also removed. It is also called ‘image background removal’

Jewelry Photo Retouching

Adding or Removal of Shadows-

During any image retouching service, the editors also take care of the shadows that can make or break the appearance of the photo. When a Jewelry Image Retouching is done, the editors make sure that if the shadow is breaking the appearance of the piece, it is eliminated. But in some cases, they also add effects like reflection shadows, natural shadows, drop shadows and many other effects that can uplift and appeal to the customers.

Removing all the flaws-

Nowadays, cameras have become very advanced and create an HD photo of any object. These cameras can capture all the blemishes, scars and scratches on the product. When it comes to humans these flaws can be covered by make-up but not in the case of jewelry. We can’t apply any kind of lubricant on them to hide any scratches or spots. With retouching services, the editors make sure that all the blemishes, scratches, spots, dust marks and even any unwanted elements are not present in the photo.

Retouching for Online Websites

Currently, we are also available with an option of online jewelry shopping which needs more perfect pictures not only in 2D but also in 3D. Jewelry designers wouldn’t want any kind of flaw to be located by the customer when they are looking at the piece from all angles. So many photo retouching services in India provide you with high-end retouched photos which are perfect for online websites.

With these jewelry photo retouching, many high-end brands and even local brands can capture customers’ attention towards them just because they have taken care of what kind of photo they are using for marketing.

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