Jewelry Photo Retouching

Jewelry Photo Retouching: Post-Production Techniques

Did you realize that jewelry photo retouching from a professional jewelry retouching company is a great way to stand out in a crowded market? Most independent jewelers agree that shooting jewelry is one of the industry’s most difficult and time-consuming tasks.

The items are excessively reflective, with colored jewels appearing drab and elaborate designs not correctly portrayed. Meanwhile, size and lighting are important factors in making professional-quality jewelry photos. Even an adequate lighting setup is frequently difficult to obtain. Despite the countless advancement in photographic equipment, a lack of basic expertise in commercial jewelry photography can easily destroy your winning plan.

You must alter your e-commerce product photographs if you want them to stick out in the minds of your online shoppers. You only need to pick how and who will make the essential edits for your organization.

Using Beautiful Imagery to Elicit Emotions

Professional-quality jewelry photographs are no longer possible without the assistance of Jewelry Photo Retouching Services and other jewelry photo retouching processes. It aids online jewelers in creating a “wow” factor in every snap while significantly increasing buyers’ purchasing experience. Regardless of how hard you try to convince yourself that all buys are about addressing material demands, multiple studies have demonstrated that the majority of purchases are emotional.

When a consumer views your jewelry photographs, they should be able to tell how the jewelry will make its owner feel. Jewelry photographs that are dull, grainy, or distracting will not show off the true beauty of your jewelry.

Jewelry Image Retouching

The Fundamental Jewelry Photo Retouching Procedures

If you associate with a reputable and reliable jewelry retouching company, here’s what to expect from their services.

  • Putting Onto a White Background

Using a white background in photos is common in e-commerce, with many online vendors crediting their popularity to it. A piece of jewelry on a white background draws attention to the item and eliminates distractions, allowing the client to concentrate on the item itself.

Stones and metals will be clipped into different layers in this phase to create an unending white, non-distracting backdrop. It is critical to note that every jewelry element must have distinct paths and layers because each element must be modified separately. Settings for metal layers can’t be applied to main-stone or side-stone layers.

Pay attention to how the band comes to life as it shines against the white setting. It demonstrates how a white backdrop photo demands customers’ attention and lets them view every aspect of the jewelry better than a non-white backdrop image.

Jewelry photo retouching services utilize the Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop with a feather range of 1 -1.5 pixels to create an exact close-up of the ring and jewels.

  • Metals-Specific Jewelry Picture Retouching Procedure

Three major procedures are involved in retouching metals.

  1. Dust removal

Regardless of how hard you work to keep your jewelry clean; some dirt may remain invisible to the human eye. Our touch-up technique eliminates fingerprints, dust, and other visible contaminants when viewing the jewelry image.

A variety of tools based on the product and situation is employed. However, the following are the most convenient and quick methods for removing dust and fingerprints:

  • Making Use of the Spot Healing Brush Tool
  • Applying the Patch Tool
  • Making Benefit of the Healing Brush Tool
  1. Cleaning Up Sloppy Reflections

Photographing a ring or other piece of jewelry is akin to photographing a mirror. It is gleaming, with intricate decorations that help it reflect roughly ninety-nine of the light surrounding it. When photographing colored stones, jewelry picture editing from a good jewelry photo retouching services is frequently required. In contrast, these beautiful diamonds are difficult to photograph because the edges can induce undesirable blur. Our touch-up technique will address these faults, allowing you to show off the finest of your jewelry to your target audience.

  1. Correction of color

When it involves attaining the right color, Jewelry Image Retouching is crucial. Cleaning up problematic reflections, as illustrated in the photograph, and color correction are two key techniques that could vastly improve the photo’s quality. Color restoration is one of the most significant factors in jewelry retouching.


Learn how to use your business’s picture editing software or outsource your post-production responsibilities to jewelry rendering services or expert jewelry image retouching experts. We understand how to create product photographs that will impress clients and boost the professionalism of your website.

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