3D Jewelry Rendering Services

Tips for Choosing 3D Jewelry Rendering Services

If you are a jewelry designer, making a quick video for your clients is the best choice to show your designs. You can bring your designs to life by adding glare and color to your piece without creating any actual piece. It is one of the best ways to attract buyers. The 3D jewelry animation services permit the customers to explore jewelry on the internet, giving them a feeling that they can see it in person. It is one of the best tactics to boost sales and revenues. Before moving ahead to the tips, here is what 3D jewelry rendering is.

3D jewelry rendering is a digital presentation of a jewelry item such as a necklace, watch, ring, bracelet, etc. It is built with various software programs to showcase the model of the original product that represents its physical attributes, size, dimensions, and style.

In this article, we will represent an extensive list of tips to consider while providing 3D product modeling services:

  • Round the Edges

Most of the CAD modelers do not round the edges of the pave or halo claw settings. It is one of the most important tips to keep in mind when you offer 3D product animation services.  It makes the product look rendered and natural, and when the edges are possibly rounded, it will create a huge difference to the final product. You can apply rounds to the highly visible edges to the clients, such as claw-set stones, pave, etc.

3D Product Animation Services

  • Adjust Prongs and Claws of the Model

You must not forget to adjust the prongs and claws of the model to give it a realistic and polished touch. Claws are generally modeled to set the stones, which are later polished by the setters. If it is adjusted properly, it gives a pretty nice round look. You should always remember that most of the ring views are from the top, making claws and prongs visible to the eyes. It is the superior 3D jewelry rendering service that you should keep in mind.

  • Create Everything Solid

When solid surfaces are put together, they should be joined together. Surfaces that expand look worse than anything else, which can cause issues in rendering and rounding. To give a natural look, you must give a natural look. If you do not have enough time, you can also think of a cylinder with no cap. Remember this tip while offering 3D rendering services.

  • Clean Up the Model

It is one of the last steps to follow while modeling the jewelry. In this step, you look after every detail of your model and go through every layer to make sure everything is perfect. It is the exporting step where developers name the layers and delete something which is not needed in the long run. In this step, the exporters select the parts needed to send and check the export before the final step. click here.

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