Jewelry Photography Services

Jewelry Photography Services

Product Videography Services

You can insert the videos on your business website or social media channels, such as Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. If you want to create outstanding product pictures or videos, you can count on our services. Our professional product photographer use full-frame cameras, various lenses, LED lighting, and all the necessary tools to produce the impact you want on your products. Apart from this, we are working with an in-house production team of animators, director of photography, editors, and VFX artists who can further amplify your product images and videos in the best ways. 

E-commerce Product Photography and Videography Services

With the backing of the most reliable jewelry photography services, you can sell your jewel pieces in the most excellent way. Product photography or product videography services can help in giving life and dynamism to the products. Jewelry videos and pictures can be utilized for showing their charm and notifying the viewers about their features. About 64 percent of consumers are more expected to purchase an item they see online after watching the product video. So, if you plan to hire product videographers to increase your sales by using product videos then Jewelry Rendering is here to help you out. 

At Jewelry Rendering Services, videos are shot by our expert team, who have mastered the art of product promotion videography. With us you will only get the best 3D product photography services in UK, USA, Australia and UAE.

Importance of Product Photography Services for Online Store

With a good product picture or video, you can ensure that your client notices the top features and benefits of the product in no time. The main focus should be on jewelry pieces’ videos and photos, along with 360-degree product photos, 360 product videography, 3D animated product photos, and 2D animated product photos.

In fact, in the current scenario social media is also dominated by videos of every type, and product/services videos are considered very effective. You are falling behind if you are not making use of videos and pictures with your jewelry products. We can help you promote your jewelry products images and videos by getting them clicked and edited by our product photographer for ecommerce business.


Why Choose Us for Ecommerce Photography and Videography Services

According to a study graph of marketing, those selling products online are getting more benefits than those selling offline. However, the only thing that is more difficult in the ecommerce sector is product photography and videography. Since there are already a great number of ecommerce photography services in the country, it has become crucial to decide on the most dependable one with the most reasonable 360 product photography cost, like at Jewelry Rendering Services. We are a professional product photography company, who can offer you the best industry-standard services when it comes to product videography and photography. 

You can count on our designers and photographers as we only hire product photographers in India that are experienced and best in their work. Only a glimpse of our shot photographs will be able to deliver a great conversion rate within your business.  Jewelry Rendering Services offer a wide range of services associated with ecommerce and social media. These include 360 product photography services, photo editing, photo retouching services, and product photography and videography services.

 A majority of ecommerce store owners have to put in a lot of effort. Jewelry Rendering Services provide high-end ecommerce photography services. We primarily focus on Jewelry photography and videography. We adhere to the latest trends for ensuring better outcomes. Go through all our services and scale up your business from our best jewelry rendering services. 


For making things a little easy and comfortable, appoint our freelance product photography experts. Book your appointment with our experts today and attain the best outsource product photography and videography for your jewelry products or any other business products. 

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Anjana Yadav
Exceptional 3D jewelry modeling and CAD modeling services! The attention to detail and precision in their designs is unparalleled.
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Deepak Singh
The jewelry rendering is absolutely stunning! The level of detail and intricacy is amazing. I am so impressed with the designer's skill and talent.

If you search for videographers online, you will find many companies providing the service in your area. But it is wise to choose a high-standard videographer to make your product look more alluring. Here are a few steps you can follow to get a videography service for your product:

  • Reputed videographer: Before choosing the service, look at their reviews and ask for feedback from people who have already used their videography service. Go for recommended and well-experienced companies. 
  • Internet Community: Nowadays, on social media platforms, you will find many advertisements for videography services. Before blocking your appointment see the samples available on their websites and social media platforms. 
  • Requirements: Though there are many agencies available, you will have certain constraints for your products. Check out which company will work more efficiently for you. 

For jewelry videography service, your number one option can always be Jewelry Rendering. We have well-experienced professionals who have captured more than 1000+ videos for our clients. 

Before hiring a professional product photographer, you should know a few details on how they work and their experience. 

  • Gadgets Used: You should first know what type of equipment they use to capture the photos. The equipment should be of high quality to capture good resolution pictures. 
  • Charge: Based on your requirements, check if they charge for the number of photos or the hours spent capturing the pictures. Also, make sure you enquire about the number of photos they will take. 
  • Qualifications: Check out if the photographer has previous experience in the field. See some sample photos and their portfolio to check if they match your constraints. If they have certifications and have specialized in some related course, it will be a plus point. 
  • Requirement: Most importantly, see if they are flexible and comfortable in working with your product. It will be good if the photographer has previous experience capturing photos of products related to your requirements. 

Jewelry Rendering has many certified professional photographers to take high-quality pictures of sparkly and shiny ornaments.   

The cost of product photography will differ from company to company. There are many constraints under which the price chart is designed. Some product photographers can be very expensive because there is a high need for good-quality product photos to attract more clients. Let’s see the basic categories on how the price is split:

  • Time Constraint: Some product photographers will charge you by the hour. If the time taken is less, then the charge will be less. Sometimes the shoot might even extend to more than one day. In that case, the price will vary accordingly. If the work is done in just an hour or two, even if the photographer takes more pictures, they will charge only a reasonable amount.  
  • Product to be Captured: Based on the type of the product and the number of products, the photographer will show variation in the price. If you ask for more images, then the price will gradually increase. 

To know more about product photography pricing at Jewelry Rendering, you can call our customer care. We will get back to you immediately. 

In the marketing sector right now, the most demanding job role is a product photographer. The publicity of the product depends on their creativity and ideas. The photographers will take unique pictures of the products, which can be used on pamphlets, catalogs, boxes,  websites, social media, etc. If the picture is more attractive, then it means a lot of customers will surely buy the product, which will ultimately lead to the success of the marketing strategy. Hence a product photographer plays a very important role in promoting and making the item a hit. The role of a product photographer is to take appealing pictures and create a unique mark for each brand. 

Jewelry Retouching provides the service of Jewelry product photography. We will finish the service in a pocket-friendly way and provide high-resolution images. All you have to do is send us your requirements through mail or explain to us in a call we will get back to you very soon. 

To get some extraordinary photos of your product, you have to put in some work while taking the pictures. Let’s see what we can do to make the image more powerful and captivating. 

  • Ideas: To make the picture more unique, think of some new ideas, locations, or props that will make your product look attractive. You can add in some water elements, poppy backdrops, mannequins while taking the photo. 
  • Clarity: When capturing a picture, use a tripod. This will avoid shakes and breakage in the pixel. Always use a good resolution lens to capture even the minute details. 
  • Proper Lighting: If possible, do your photoshoot in broad daylight. If not, then have enough artificial light settings to avoid dark shadows and backgrounds. Be very careful when you shoot shiny objects, which will cause the light and flash to refract. 
  • Mode: Depending on the product, change the style of the photo. See if landscape or portrait, which covers the product from all angles. 

Don’t go through all this chaos. Jewelry Rendering has many product photographers and we are ready to help you take some fantastic pictures of your products. 

There are multiple factors based on which you can charge for product videography. Let’s look at a few important points:

  • Duration: You can charge based on the length of the video you are making. For a short video, you can charge less, and for lengthy ones, the price can be increased. 
  • Props: In the video, if you use more props and equipment, then charge separately. This way you can make some profit. 
  • Location: You can show variation based on the area the video is shooted. If it is outdoors, then make it a little more expensive and if it is taken inside the studio, then charge less. 
  • Graphics: Put a separate charge on animations and extra graphics inserted in the video. You can also add an editing charge to this budget. 

At Jewelry Rendering, we charge quite reasonable prices for turntable 360-degree animation videos. We also have some fantastic packages that will reduce the expenses. To enquire about the pricing, get in touch with our experts. 

To match with the current trend and attract more viewers, it is necessary to take a step and invest in product photography. 

  • Curiosity: The way you take photos and display them on your website matters a lot. This will decide on if the customer will buy your product or not. The more luring pictures you take, the more curious the customer will be to buy your product.
  • Detailed Information: People are more interested in images than descriptions. So it is best to mention the details about the product in the pictures to reach more clients. 
  • Options: People will find it challenging to visualize the colors and choose your product by just putting it in words. You can display these pictures to make it easier for the customers to try out different colors. 
  • Boost Ecommerce: The pictures will make your website and ecommerce sites more captivating. You will receive more than what you invest in photography if you put up some fantastic photos of your product. 

To conclude, photography is the best and most cost-efficient marketing strategy to win more clients. Don’t overthink. Pick our Product photographers to social media-worthy pictures for your site. 

Product video has a very good effect on the clients, making them want to try the item. There are few perks to creating a video to promote your products they are:

  • Peoples First Choice: When you generally search for a product, you will often see videos popping up first rather than blogs. So if you create an entertaining promotional video for your product, you will be at the top of the search engine. 
  • In-Depth: When you create a video, the client will be able to look at the product from all angles and clearly analyze the product’s structure and style. 
  • Believable: More than the pictures, a video will make the customers trust the quality of any product. You can demonstrate and show all the pros of the item. 
  • Increase Sales Rate: When you look at the marketing graph, more customers have watched product videos and were lured into buying them. This is the most economical way to reach a large scale of people. 

Jewelry Rendering is delighted to make a unique and attractive video for your ornaments at an affordable price. 

There are a lot of things to be considered before we start a product photoshoot. We need to analyze the item and the requirement to capture the product perfectly. 

  • Pick a Theme: Before starting the shoot, we will talk with our clients to understand their needs and know more about the product. Based on the information, we pick a theme around which all the photos will be taken.
  • Location: Depending on the product, we will choose a place where the product will look more attractive. The backdrop is very important for the item to look elfin. 
  • Lighting: We will fix the lights and adjust the brightness after considering the room lighting facilities or the natural sunlight. 
  • Shoot: When everything is set perfectly, we will start taking photos from different angles to cover all the sides. We also ensure even the minute details are captured very accurately. 

At Jewelry Rendering Service, we offer product photoshoots with exceptional packages and discounts. Reach out to our experts to learn more about it. 

The only way to survive on the online platform is by updating the floor with new and creative photos of your product often. 

Product Photography and eCommerce:

You will hear a lot of clients saying they purchased the product after viewing the image on the website. If you put up attractive pictures, then people will show more interest in the product. It will help them look at the item close by even before purchasing it. Not just this product photography will help you reach different age groups because everyone will easily understand a picture better than words. Hence it helps to improve marketing and eCommerce. 

Image Editing and eCommerce: 

When you take a raw photograph, the delicate and minute details might not be enhanced. But with good editing skills, you will be able to show even the diamond cuts perfectly. Clients will get a better knowledge about the product if the essential details are highlighted during editing. Things that cannot be captured naturally can be included when editing, which will help you promote your product on your eCommerce sites.

You might get doubts about why you need professional product photography. Here we are to let you know why it is very much needed. 

  • Grab Attention: Nowadays, consumers thoroughly analyze before buying a product. A high-resolution photo is a plus point to the item on sale. But only a professional photographer can capture alluring pictures for your website. 
  • Reliable: The quality of the picture talks about the quality of the actual product. Customers usually think that if the image is not very bright and captivating, the outcome might also not be worth it. So make an excellent first impression with the help of professional photography skills. 
  • Efficient: If you take the photos on your own, you will have to buy props, expensive high-resolution cameras, etc to make the image look more professional. But instead, if you pick a professional, you will save money as well as time. 

The Jewelry Rendering Service is always here to help you out. We have professional product photography services. Pick us to work more efficiently. 

Product photography is going to help you promote your product to the next level. The price will vary based on various factors. If you go for more complex shoots with more props, lighting effects, hippy backgrounds, and a lot more customizations, then the cost will be a little expensive. You can also do a basic shoot, which will give you high-resolution results at an affordable rate. If you wish to shoot your products at different locations with real-time exposure, then the charges will vary. Never feel bad for investing in product photography because it will bring you double the profit. How? Because these pictures will bring in more customers who will, in turn, recommend more consumers to buy your product. So basically, it is the cheapest way to market your product.

At Jewelry Rendering Service, we have different packages based on your requirements. The services will start from 15$ onwards. You can choose the services that will make your product look more appealing. 

With just a few basic requirements, you will be able to capture professional photographs of your product at home. Let’s look at the steps to capture a high-resolution image at home.

  • Right Camera: Even with a good pixel smartphone camera, you can capture amazing pictures at home. Or even a basic camera model is more than enough to wrap up with the work. 
  • Most needed Support: A tripod is necessary to capture the pictures very accurately. When we do the photoshoot without a tripod, most images will be blurry when you try to edit them. So set up a good tripod before your photoshoot. 
  • Professional Backdrop: In most cases, it is best to go for white backgrounds. If the product is light, then choose a black backdrop that will make the product pop out. You can even change the backdrop during editing, so this won’t be much of an issue. 
  • Lights: Make sure you choose a room in which the lighting is perfect. If the light is insufficient, you will have to use extra focus lights to capture the product. 

With all the above things set up, you are all set to take the photos. After clicking, check if you are satisfied with the image and then carry on. You can get in touch with Jewelry Rendering Services to know more about product photography.

Here are a few benefits of hiring a professional product photographer:

  • Best Standard: When you hire a qualified photographer to capture pictures of your product, there’s a 100% surety the quality will be of a high standard. They will have more experience in the field so that they will capture professional shots perfectly.
  • Same pattern: Every photographer will have a different style. For your brand, if you follow one particular type, then it will be uniform, and it will become your brand’s icon. 
  • Creativity: These professionals will know how to edit and where to edit to make the product look appealing. They will also have more ideas to make your product stand out from others. 
  • Marketing Strategy: With the help of professional photographers, you can get some exotic photos for your website that will quickly grab the attention of large scale customers. Hence your job is done cost-effectively. 

There are many product photographers available in India. Jewelry Rendering Service is the leading agency to give first-class photography service. Choose us and have the best experience capturing your products. 

  • Experience: The professional you hire must have previous experience in taking product photography. They should at least have a portfolio and know-how to handle the product. 
  • Expense: Check if they charge reasonably. Some photographers will charge you more, and the outcome will not be very satisfactory. So before booking a photographer, think if the price and quality go hand in hand. 
  • Handle Situations: The person you hire must be able to handle all issues while the shoot is going on. From lighting adjustments to backdrop mismatch, they should be ready for everything. 
  • Interaction: The photographer must be in the right flow with you. They should be able to grasp your requirements and capture your product based on your constraints. 
  • Way of work: If the photographer works in a well-organized manner, your shoot will go without any issues or disruptions. See if they work according to your convenience. 

Jewelry Rendering Service has many professional photographers who are qualified in this field. We also work at a very reasonable price. Try out our free trial to see real-time samples. 

We cannot be very accurate in mentioning the cost of hiring a product photographer. If the professional is well experienced, then they will charge more than a start-up photographer. Some professionals will charge you by the hour. If they spend more hours, then it means they will charge more. The next criteria are the number of photos clicked. If you need only a few pictures for your profile, then the cost will be based on that. Experts also charge extra if you want to do the shoot outdoors. If more props are used and a lot of equipment is required, the photographer will charge you extra to make some profit. Based on the type of product, the style of photography will change and depending on that; the price will also vary. You will find very expensive and affordable photographers. You choose the one based on their works and the quality of the samples. 

Photographers at Jewelry Rendering Service will offer your product photography at a budget-friendly package. 

The steps followed by professionals at Jewelry Rendering Service to take product photography are described below.

Step 1: We first set up our background based on the product, its colour, clients requirements, and the day’s lighting. We will mostly have all types of backgrounds handy or enhance the backdrop during the editing process. 

Step 2: Next, we prep the product. When the client gives the product to us, it will have fingerprints, scratches, etc. Before placing it at its spot, we ensure the product is free of these blemishes to provide high-quality pictures. 

Step 3:Then we arrange all our equipment like camera, lens, lights, foams, stand in the perfect location and adjust everything to capture the product without any flaws. We also try to add our touch and creativity in enhancing the quality. 

Step 4:Once the environment is set up, our professionals start taking the pictures from all angles to capture the product naturally. Based on the client’s necessities, we take different photographs of the item. Then we pass on the pictures to editing work and send back the final results to the clients within a day or two. 

It’s time to look at the essential things necessary for jewelry photography.

  • Lighting: Jewels look more elegant and attractive in natural light. Especially, the stones glimmer and look very natural when you capture them in sunlight. So ensure you do the photoshoot in a room that is exposed to daylight and has wide windows. 
  • Backdrop: The background needs to be very professional. You can pick black or white sheets or carpets to make the jewel stand out. 
  • Equipment: A good-quality camera will help you capture the minute details of the ornaments. A tripod will help you because the jewels are tiny, and a big stand is unnecessary. 
  • Props: You can use different props, mannequins to represent your piece of jewelry. This way, the picture will look more appealing. 
  • Supports: To make the ornaments stand, we need transparent tapes that will hold the product still. Other invisible stands can also be used for this purpose. 

With the above things, you will be able to capture amazing 360-degree pictures of your product. Even the intricate style can be seen with just these props. 

Do you know what attracts most of the people to buy the products online? It is the image of the product that lures more and more customers. These images will gain more trust from the buyer’s side. If the quality of the image is high, then the consumers will believe the quality of the product will also be good. More than the written descriptions and summary, a photo will grab more attention. With the picture, people will be able to see intricate designs and styles more accurately. In recent polls, we have seen that most of the people who have purchased products online have seen the images and then bought the product. From this, we can conclude that product photography plays a significant role in improving digital marketing and e-commerce of the product.  Jewelry Rendering Services will guide you to make your product stand out among the competitors by capturing some beautiful photos of your product. 

 Don’t overthink about the expense of product photography because what you spend on this will come back to you in many folds. If you feel that the photographer has more experience and will surely get you high-quality pictures that will attract more clients, then you can pay the expert a little more than the average cost. If you need just a few shots, then the expense will undoubtedly be less. Just take standard photos if you wish to finish this session at an affordable rate. Use fewer props during the photoshoot and add more editing effects, making product photography economical. 

If you choose a Jewelry Rendering Service to take photos of your product, then you will have to spend just 15$ to 30$. We also have amazing discounts going on on our website. Use those packages and also the free trial to have the best experience. 

Product photography includes capturing captivating pictures of your product more efficiently. The service might also include editing and retouching. A professional photographer will offer all the props needed to do the photoshoot. High-resolution images will be provided at the end of this shoot. The expert will give you new ideas to make your product look more unique and enter the minds of the clients. In product photography, you can ask for any number of photos, and you can even choose an outdoor location to shoot. Most importantly, the photographer will work based on your requirements and constraints. The service will generally include photos in different file formats with high resolution and enhanced quality. 

You can choose Jewelry Rendering Services as your professional product photographer to get your hands on some really amusing photos. We will get back to you instantly. We will also send back your samples within 24 hours. 

To more precisely photograph a product, you should first understand the use of the item, its structure, and design. Then think about the environment, a light setup that will make the product look more attractive. Later you can start thinking of some creative ideas that will go well with the product. Then see what props and equipment are necessary to enhance the quality of the item to be captured. Set up the product on a non vibrating and non moving table or place to capture a perfect picture. You can also get tripods and stands to make this process more simple. Always have a clean wall or background behind the product so that the cuts and edges are clearly visible. If you consider these, then you will surely be able to capture some amazing pictures for your website. These are the steps followed by our professionals at Jewelry Rendering Service.