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How Do I Make an Image Render?

What Do These Photo Rendering Techniques Do?

Seeing the popularity, many photo rendering services are adapting to advanced technology, trying to give their customers the result they desired.

What photo rendering does is that it can make a person appear at a place he/she has never been before. Also, photo rendering does image enhancement for e-commerce sectors and it has proved to increase the productivity of an office by decreasing the unnecessary amount of work they have done.

For example, with the help of the photo rendering technique, you can make a photograph look like you have made thousands of copies of it that you’re advertising even though you only photographed a single copy.

Adobe and refine mask tools are considered to be the best tools for the photo rendering process.

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What are the Steps one Should Follow to Make a Picture Render?

There are many ways to do photo rendering, you can even find product Photo Rendering Online. But before going all professional, you must know the basic image rendering techniques.

Open photoshop, and load the picture you want to render. For example, if you want to remove the background of a pic, then upload that pic in photoshop.

Next, you need to get the lasso tool, you will. find this tool in the Tools palette icon. Select the accurate outline of the picture you want to render and point the mouse on it. After pointing correctly, Press and hold the left mouse button, do this to drag the pointer around the image.

One thing to remember is that you have to stay close to the outline of the image but don’t be too accurate, it will make the rendering look more realistic.

It is the job of refine mask to make sure that the outline pressing is not too exact.  Also, never stray into an image for too long.

If you are sure that you have traced completely around the image, then only leave the mouse. After that, you need to click the Layer panel button which is shaped like a circle within a rectangle. This layer panel is important because it is equipped with the “Add Layer Mask” tool, which is also important as they hide the image’s background.

Get the “Radius Mask” dialog box from the refine mask and drag it into the image, slowly observing it. This is done to reduce the difference between the red image and the background. 3D Rendering Services do the job perfectly.

If there is a gap between the red background and the image, then drag the Refine Radius brush over a portion of the gap. Photoshop will help you remove the gap so the red background fits perfectly to the image.

The image will appear to be surrounded by white and to remove that you need to click the “Background” layer’s eye icon to make the background transparent.

Check again before saving the image as type PNG.

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