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E-Commerce Jewelry Photography vs. Renders

Because of significant advances in jewelry CAD design over the last two decades, several jewelers are replacing jewelry photographs with renderings for their e-commerce sites.

Will CAD renderings of jewelry replace jewelry photography for e-commerce, or will jewelry photography reign supreme?

Let’s find out via this blog.

  • Accuracy

A camera has been designed to capture an object’s features and precision. This is especially crucial in jewelry photography since clients want to see the tiny details in the artistry and the distinctive qualities of gemstones. After capturing a piece of jewelry, the image is post-processed to erase any flaws before being suitable for e-commerce.

We are recreating every aspect of the piece of jewelry with a CAD rendering. This implies that the CAD artist will have to replicate the features in the metals and jewels, such as textures, gradients, and reflections. The final result will differ based on the software utilized and the extent of effort the CAD jewelry design artist expands.

  • Cost

Most jewelry CAD software already has functionalities that enable users to render their 3D CAD Jewelry Designs for jewelry rendering. If you have not yet integrated CAD into your operational process, licensing expenses can exceed $6,000. This does not include any extra training courses completed. A high-performance computer is also necessary to process huge CAD files. An efficient computer can cost as little as $2,000 to purchase. CAD software might cost up to $10,000 in total.

While buying jewelry CAD software is considerably more costly than purchasing photography equipment, most jewelers looking to improve their design and manufacturing processes would find CAD software far more beneficial than photography due to its extra capabilities to create renders at no extra expense.

  • Knowledge

Jewellery photography and CAD both have steep learning curves. Learning photography, on the other hand, is easier due to fewer barriers in the way and more material available as a result of a big internet photography community. The techniques employed in jewelry photography are transferable to any photography gadget, making it extremely adaptable. There is also an important learning curve for editing image software; however, if the jeweler chooses to outsource this procedure, this can be completely ignored.

It is almost mandatory to take training classes to use jewelry CAD design software. After completing the training program, plenty of time will be needed to become adept at utilizing the CAD program. Many jewelers agree that acquiring 3D CAD jewelry design software would bring greater value to their firm.

Jewelry Rendering Services

  • Replication

It is quite difficult to duplicate a shot in jewelry photography. The same lighting conditions are required. Furthermore, the camera equipment and jewelry must be at the same location. This might be incredibly inconvenient to reshoot a specific jewelry item. Colors for various metallic tones can be adjusted with third-party software.

When working with CAD, you may save precisely the same settings to ensure render consistency. The files can be sent to a render farm, and the results will be exactly as you’ve specified.

  • Practicality

Whenever you take a shot of jewelry, you must set up the lights and camera equipment. This may not be feasible, especially if you only have one or two new things to add to your website.

Some lightboxes eliminate the need to tinker with illumination and other cumbersome shooting gear.

If you outsource your photos, a photographer must convert the store into a temporary studio for a few days. If you are in an area with no jewelry photographers, you must ship your inventory to the photographer’s location. A day when your company is basically out of action is a tremendous expense.

You can modify the arrangement of your jewelry and lighting using Jewelry CAD Software without leaving your desk. Because there are no obstacles or gravity in the CAD environment, you can render your images in limitless angles. For older and present stock, CAD representations could be more practical. To build the render, you’d need to design it from scratch. Having them shot is more cost-effective and time efficient.


While tremendous advancements in jewelry CAD rendering have made it a far more practical alternative to jewelry CAD software, we continue to feel that CAD renders can augment jewelry photographs by demonstrating the conceptualization of the final product journey. Learn how to use picture editing software in your business to provide jewelry rendering services or skilled jewelry photographing services.

We know how to take product photos that will impress customers and increase the professionalism of your website.

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